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Counselor In-Training (CIT) Program

The Counselor In-Training (CIT) Program gives the opportunity for campers, who have been at the camp for more than at least 2-3 years, to really shine on what they know through their experience. It is a competitive program and challenges campers to think beyond what they are taught.


At the West Haven Center For Coastal Ecology, CITs are second largest group of students at our camp making up part of the foundation of our camp. CITs serve a unique role as partly still camper, as well as a staff member. The tasks that are given to each CIT allows for the opportunity to grow their leadership skills, and develop them into well-rounded staff members.


Some of the tasks that are given to CITs include:

  • Co-lead walks with staff members

  • Give a presentation on a subject they research and study further

  • Assist with presentations given by staff members and senior staff members

  • Assist with daily operations of the camp


CITs are expected to exhibit good leadership qualities and an extreme sense of responsibility. The CIT is a caring individual not only towards the environment, but to campers he or she is there to assist. 


It is also expected that CITs collaborate with another CIT to prepare a project to present to the campers to share their knowledge. Projects ideas are chosen by them, or with help from their senior staff mentor, and will be evaluated by their mentor. 


Most importantly, the CIT is to have fun! We don't expect Albert Einsteins, but we do expect that they have a good knowledge base.


Qualifications of CIT Candidates:

  • Must be a camper entering the sixth, seventh, or eighth grade.

  • Has been a camper for 2-3 years.

  • At least 11-12 years of age.

*If the camp directors, or any of the Senior Staff think these students are qualified, they will be invited to take part in the process.


     Kerry Dest

     Senior Staff

     Pat Fallon

     Senior Staff


Do you have what it takes to become a CIT? Test your knowledge with the all-in-one study guide below to prepare you for the tests.


Counselor In-Training Study Guide

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