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Celebrating 30 Years!

We are wrapping up the 2022 season here at Eco camp which marks the 30th anniversary. We have a sign here at camp posted on the back door that reads “the only thing more fleeting than childhood, is summer”. This quote touches me every year, but this year it really hit home. Thirty years of learning by doing was celebrated with a visit from our state representative Dorinda Borer and surprise visits from alumni! Dorinda presented citations from the state of Connecticut to our directors Nancy Paone and Gerry Frumento for their years of service to the community and environment. It was an amazing afternoon celebrating with the team, the campers and alumni!

Thursday sailed in with pirate day! One of the best days of the year! The campers learned about the history of piracy and put on their Jolly Roger best for the yearly treasure hunt!

A welcome new edition to pirate day was our “run like jack sparrow” contest where a winner was awarded the famous captains hat. Pirate day is like no other, it is the perfect combination of fun and learning that the campers love!

Friday concluded this year of camp with our traditional dead horse ceremony and a not so traditional staff water balloon fight. There were buckets of water dumped left and right following water balloon assaults in every direction. We has so much fun!

The 2022 season of Eco Camp may be over but we are so excited for next year! We have a lot of content planned for the year as well as some exciting plans! We want to say a huge thank you to our campers and their families for spending the summer learning and having fun with us!

Check back on our website and socials for updates throughout the year! And please follow our new Instagram @westhavenecocamp

Thank you so so much

-The West Haven Center for Coastal Ecology

A great candid from the citation awards with state rep Dorinda Borer!

Nancy, Cathie and Donny are surprised by our camp alumni !

Captain Kerry thrills the campers with the history of piracy !

A special guest merman for pirate day! He looks a little familiar 🧐

Thank you to this amazing team of staff, c.i.t’s and alumni you are the heart of eco camp and we cant do it without you!

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