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Eco Camp 2022 Day One!

Here at Eco Camp we are no strangers to a rainy day, and they never bring us down!

This year we are thrilled to welcome our campers and launch our blog updates. You can check back here for updates on our lectures and projects!

Like many of our senior staff here at camp I am homegrown from nine years old and day one at camp holds a special place for me.

We start the day with Staff intros and an overview of the schedule, followed by a morning lecture from Mr.Furmento. Then we are set for our day one eco walk! The Eco walk is our Monday tradition, setting us up for the week! This walk takes us from the home base of camp all the way down to Bradley point. We stop at some key places along the way including the Catalpa tree (Devils tail), milkweed plants, and of course Savin rock! We conclude the walk with an exploration at the pocket beach, encouraging the campers to discover as much as they can.

West haven has the largest stretch of public beach in New England and that was Mr. Pat Fallons focus on his walk today with our returning campers. Mr.Fallon made it a point to touch on conservation, which is one of our key focuses. Our campers loved learning about our West Haven beach and how we can work to keep it beautiful for generations to come.

As the afternoon (and the rain) rolled in, we gathered inside the pavilion for our favorite science experiments led by Mrs.Nancy Paone!

Despite the drizzle we had an amazing first day here at Eco Camp! We have much more to look forward to this year!

Our Morning message 💪🏻

Mr.Fallon stops to explain Chicory root and its use in coffee!

Look Familiar? That’s Savin Rock! Our campers took guesses as to where the separated half floated after the continent shift. Comment below if you know!

Discovery time at the pocket beach!

*Check back here for more updates as we continue on with camp this year! We have so much planned and can’t wait to share! Follow us on Our socials to get to know us more!*

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Author: Sophia Marino (Senior Staff)

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