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Week One And A Special Shout Out!

Welcome back to the Eco Camp blog for 2023!

We have had an amazing first week this year. I'd like to start this blog post with a huge thanks and shout out to Pat Libero. Pat is a member of the West Haven Board of Education and we are so grateful for the time she takes to visit us and check in with us! Pat, you are a part of the Eco Camp family and we can't thank you enough!

We have revamped the camp's Instagram page and you can find us @westhavenecocamp thank you Kaylee for all your help with the content !

It has been a jam-packed first week so far, but we have much more coming tomorrow !

Again, a huge thank you to everyone that supports us every year. We are so thankful for our campers and the work we keep doing to educate on this beautiful ecosystem!

-Sophia Marino (Senior Staff)

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