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Branding and Copyright


Angus Hodge & Dean Palmer Jr.

Current Seal

The Seal of the West Haven Center for Coastal Ecology was designed by Angus Hodge & Dean P. Palmer Jr.. Angus devised the original idea of adapting the West Haven City Seal. Dean then digitized it.

Angus Hodge's

Original Sketch

Angus's Original Sketch

  The Seal is surrounded by the official title of the organization, "The West Haven Center for Coastal Ecology," and the names of its founders, "Dr. Michael and Nancy Paone and Gennaro Frumento."

  The Seal represents our organization as part of the West Haven Community and a fixture at the West Haven Shoreline. The Dragonfly is in remembrance of the late Dr. Michael Paone and the legacy that he, Nancy and Gerry have given our community.

EcoCamp SealBW.jpg

W.H.C.C.E. Seal, Title, Branding, Press

  The seal may be used to represent our organization in Color or in Greyscale.

  When referring to our organization our full title must be used: "The West Haven Center for Coastal Ecology"

  The abbreviation W.H.C.C.E. may also be used after the full title has been stated.

  When referring to our summer program, the terms "Eco-Camp" or "Ecology Camp" are the only acceptable titles.

  For questions regarding Press or Branding please email us.

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